Ideal place to go in Maleny for your Intimate weekend trip

October 5, 2017

It is normal for married couples to be swept away with the rush of daily life—long work hours, house chores, taking care of children, a well balanced social life and so on. Sometimes days and weeks go by without a proper conversation or even an hour of quality time with each other. This can easily harm the romantic spark between the two, which is not the best for a happy relationship.

Does ‘romantic getaway’ sound amazing? It is, for couples who want to be only with each other for a trip. This type of getaways gives the couple an opportunity to find their old selves again, feel like the youngsters who felt butterflies in their stomach when their eyes met! Being away from work, daily life responsibilities and technology increase the understanding between the couple to a great extent. Here are the benefits a romantic getaway offers to couples:

Rediscovering each other

Romantic getaways help couples rediscover each other. Spending quality time in a different place other than home can reduce the distance created between the couple and break the ice, helping them notice each other in a different light.

Fun and friendship in the relationship

Nothing beats the anticipation of planning a trip. Planning a getaway trip together may rejuvenate the fun and friendship in the relationship, reminding the couple why they decided to spend their life together in the first place.


Lack of intimacy harms the quality of a relationship, so it is important to be able to spend intimate moments with your partner as much as possible. Most married couples do not get that chance, being too preoccupied in their daily life, work and other responsibilities. Taking a romantic trip to a peaceful, quiet place creates opportunity for the couple to be intimate with each other, which strengthens the core of their relationship.

Better family bonding

Parents spend a lot of time taking care of the kids. Taking some time away from the kids allows their parents to relax and recover from the stress of daily life responsibilities and develop better bonding among each other with renewed energy. It helps to communicate better within the family which strengthens the emotional and psychological bonding as a family.

Improved work performance

Taking some days off work is never a bad thing for anyone. Being away from work for a little while to go away with your partner and relaxing will make you more productive and efficient at work.

If you are planning to go on a getaway trip like this, Maleny’s Top of the Hill Boutique BnB is the perfect place to go. It is a beautiful BnB accommodation surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, appointed with cabins that include comfy beds, delicious breakfast menu, private decks and baths with views and lots of fun things to do around for couples. You can see the famous Glass House Mountains, the beautiful artisan village Montville and its art galleries, taste fresh cheese, good wine and shop for unique products on this trip.  Minutes away from the BnB is Mary Cairncross Park, home to Maleny’s unique flora and fauna especially the bird life. The walkway through this majestic rainforest is perfect for the two of you loose yourself in each other.

Top of the Hill offers a number of packages including couples packages. You can visit the website or call them to know about their rates and packages in detail.

Start planning a trip with your beloved and reignite the old spark between the two of you!

"Had a beautiful stay - very relaxing and peaceful. Will be back next year."

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