Guide to have the perfect Bed and Breakfast experience

January 5, 2018

Bed and Breakfasts are much smaller, comfortable and intimate than chain commercial hotels. Loved by many travellers, bed and breakfasts are an appropriate choice if you like the intimacy and personalized service BnB hosts serve. Not all BnBs are up to the mark though, so there is few factors you need to check up on before booking rooms at a BnB.

Do the necessary research

This is something you must do before booking. Try to find the best place to stay in the place you’re travelling to, and know why it’s the best. Usually Bed and Breakfasts are low cost compared to commercial hotels. But since all BnBs are businesses, they try to keep their rates competitive. If you find something very cheap compared to similar places, do not immediately book it! Try to know the reason behind the too cheap cost of rooms before you decide staying there. Choose one that has competitive rates to play it safe.

Talk to the host

Since BnBs are intimate small places that can even be the owner’s residence, the best source of information will be the host! Before booking, talk to the host about the BnB, the service, offers and packages etc. They want their guests to like their BnB and their locality, so if you have any questions about the area, local attractions, culture and trends etc. feel free to ask them.

Location is everything

Choose the location of your accommodation wisely. For example, if you want to roam a valley or hike, choose a BnB near the valley or the mountain so you can reach your destination in minutes. Don’t pick a place far from the attractions you want to see.

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