How good food can add to your perfect holiday trip

December 15, 2017

Travelling is the single most awesome activity that can completely recharge you and take all your worries away! There are so many reasons to travel, and delicious, fancy food is one of them. Although if you love food enough, it can be the only reason to travel!

There are a number of ways food can add extra happiness to your trip. What are they, you ask? Let’s take a look at them:

Enriches your experience

Can you really know a place without tasting the food there? Food is a rather important part of the culture of any place. You can learn a lot from the type of food you experience during your trip. It becomes a win-win situation for everyone when you try new food and like it too!

Makes you happier

Well, any good food makes us happier, no matter where or when we eat it. On a trip away from home, good food adds to how you feel about the place you are visiting, and how the place makes you feel. For example, cheese is available anywhere, but when you go to visit the countryside and try cheese made from locally produced ingredients it tastes and feels much better. Maybe you make a quick cereal for breakfast at home, but when you are staying at a BnB cradled in the hillside of a valley and the host welcomes you in the morning with freshly made scrumptious breakfast, your brain surely secrets a lot of happiness hormone! We’d choose a quiet romantic dinner in a little beautiful town restaurant over date night dinner in the city in a heartbeat! Food on a trip is as much exotic as the place is, so even if you travel only for good food it’s completely worth it.

Creates good memories

Taste creates memories. It will remind you of events and moments in your life that otherwise do not surface so vividly. When you taste the wine you tasted on the trip, it’ll remind you of the wine tasting you went to with your loved one and the fun, happy memories associated with them!

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