Where to find the perfect boutique BnB in Maleny

September 5, 2017

Times have changed, and so did trends and choices made by people. Once upon a time everyone went to places with big chain commercial hotels when they travelled, but that is not the case anymore. Boutique hotels and BnB’s are the real deal at the moment, especially for visitors in tourist attraction sites. People are choosing intimate, design-led hotels with special personalized care over branded big hotels. It is not only a matter of comfort and luxury, but also it’s a culture in vogue.

So what distinguishes boutique hotels from the commercial hotels? Why would you choose a boutique over a branded place? This article will answer your queries. Perhaps you would book your next vacation in a boutique after reading this!

The perks of boutique

To some people boutique hotels are small places with noticeable architectural design, style and more personalized service, and others think that boutique is an attitude and approach, and does not have anything to do with size or personalized care. There are some features that distinguishes boutique from larger chain hotels.

Firstly, a boutique facility is unique from other hotels in aesthetics, ambiance and the form of care for guests. Boutiques give more personalized care, i.e. addressing guests by their names whereas chain hotels cannot do that because of their size!

A boutique’s interior decoration is crucial in adding the right amount of distinctiveness and setting a thoughtful atmosphere throughout the establishment. Often they use designer furnishings, top quality supplies and unusual touches to give a memorable visual experience to the lodgers. Facilities like a generous pillow menu, spa baths, or finest quality toiletries creates an environment of comfort and added luxury.

Another feature of these exclusive hotels is their meticulous attention to detail. A good boutique hotel will always take time to choose the finest linens and best coffee ingredients, to style its rooms in a unique way, and to add in custom-made art and materials that can be found locally in the décor.

Why do travellers and tourists nowadays choose boutiques over chain hotels? There are a number of reasons. First, people want more than comfort and security from a hotel. They want the aesthetics, the surprise element—something that will ‘wow’ them, take them out of the monotony of regular accommodations. Although some might say that boutique hotels are becoming more of a social influence and that people who do not stay in boutique hotels are rendered old-fashioned; the ultra-personalized care boutiques usually provide is increasing its popularity day by day.

Usually resort destinations have exotic and small boutique hotels, who provide their lodgers a chance to sightsee the surrounding area without sacrificing luxurious amenities. The trend of these boutiques are to be hidden in the nature, near the woods or the mountains. They emphasize on their service more than the boutiques in city destinations. They develop their own flavour uniting the personality of the local community with traditional architecture and modernism of luxury. Traditional spas, rose petal baths, private cabin with deck, honeymoon packages etc. are just a few examples of boutique facilities offered in these hotels.

Maleny: town of wonders

Maleny is a beautiful, scenic town on the Sunshine coast hinterland nestled in the hillside. Minutes away from the Mary Cairncross Reserve Park, Maleny offers varieties of tourist attractions in one place. There are a number of boutiques in Maleny for visitors, and the best among them is Top of the Hill Boutique BnB. They offer cabin accommodation in Maleny, each cabin appointed with comfortable beds, spa baths, private deck with views and other luxury items like fresh bed and bath linens, reverse cycle air conditioning, minibars etc.  The breakfast menu has been personally designed to suit the fussiest of eaters, with local produce it is a great start to your day.

The hosts at Top of the Hill take personal care of their guests, ensuring their stay is most relaxing and comfortable. If you are planning a trip to Maleny, we advise you to stay at Top of the Hill which was connoted as a little slice of heaven by one of their happy lodgers. You can visit their very informative website for the package and rates that suits you or call them to know more details. Now you do not have to worry about your vacation lodging in Maleny anymore, you can choose Top of the Hill without a doubt.

"Had a beautiful stay - very relaxing and peaceful. Will be back next year."

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