Chilling is an art! Become the Picasso of relaxing at Maleny

November 15, 2017

Relaxation is not just fun and for lazy people! It is important for everyone to relax to keep the mind and body in good working condition. Everyone has to manage a handful of different things everyday such as study, work, personal and social life. These pressures can make us stressful, which creates health concerns. Stress can be responsible for heart disease, weaken immune system, cause memory loss, depression, mood swings etc. while relaxing properly can reduce these problems.

While different people relax in different ways, our idea of complete relaxation is going away on a trip in the peace and quiet of nature. Here are our 5 tips for you to follow if you need to chill for a few days:-

Choose the peace and quiet of nature

Nothing can be better than the peaceful sounds of nature to relax. As the first step of mastering the art of relaxing, take a few days off from work and daily life and plan a trip to somewhere completely surrounded by natural beauty. If your vacation destination is the Sunshine Coast, there is a beautiful town named Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland that can be the perfect destination. Maleny is surrounded by the mountains, woods and sea, and is full of recreational activities a traveller would enjoy most. Book a place in Top of the Hill, Maleny’s most beautiful little BnB for your trip. Top of the Hill is a boutique BnB hotel that can provide you with well appointed cabins, different dining options and most importantly, breathtaking view of the countryside. You can find good cheese, wine, brewery and gourmet food very close to the BnB, also can shop for souvenirs from the artisan village minutes away from Top of the Hill.

Be rid of technology

Yes, you are reading right. Strip yourself off from all the technology. Forget your smartphone, tablet computers, internet, social networks and so on for the whole trip. Powering down for a while lets you look at the surrounding world. Researchers also say not checking social networks for a while removes stress and reduces anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness. Meet yourself among the riches of natural beauty, forget the technology.

Break routines

Routines are good when you are back to your daily life, but they are not for vacation. Break routines when you are travelling. Don’t set the alarm bell to be up in morning, rather wake up to birds chirping or sleep in as long as you need. Answering emails and the thought of paying bills on time can wait. Do not over schedule your trip plan, take time to explore and savour each moment of the vacation time.

Choose right travel mates

Travelling with someone like minded is always better than travelling alone. While going on a trip alone can enable you to find yourself, going on a trip with your best friends or your romantic partner will jazz it up a bit. Enjoying and sharing moments with a loved one is a great way to relax.

A little extra for the hard worker

Do you join work as soon as you get back from the trip? Don’t do that. Ease back into your daily life. Get back home from the trip on a Friday or a Saturday to have some time on your hands to catch up and make preparation to join reality. This will save you the stress on the first day of work after the vacation and give you some time to cope.

Relieving stress helps reduce major health risks and make us more productive at work and in daily life. Do not hesitate to relax often—you deserve it.

"Had a beautiful stay - very relaxing and peaceful. Will be back next year."

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