5 ways a trip to nature can make you a better person

January 15, 2018

Being close to nature and far away from the stress of urban noise and chaos sure can change your mood. But can it actually transform you to a better person? Scientist think that exposure to nature affects the way we behave, reducing anxiety and stress and resulting in an increase in our ability of paying attention, being creative and to communicate effectively with others.

So what do nature do for us that makes us behave better? Here are 5 ways nature affects us:

Reduces stress

Physical activities like walking or hiking can reduce stress and anxiety. You can ask what nature has to do with it, because you can just work out at home or in your backyard. It’s true that a walk in the park by the neighbourhood every morning can keep you stress free and healthy, however hiking and walking in a forest does a bit more than that. Research shows that people who walks in a natural setting handles stress quicker and more easily than people who walks in an urban setting. So there is something about nature that soothes stress easily.

Normalizes your sleep schedule

Being in nature normalizes the natural processes in your body. Feeling refreshed and relaxed normalizes the sleep hormone melatonin production in your body, which resets your biological clock. Being able to sleep normally improves your bodily functions and improves your mood too.

Improves creativity

Ever been up ‘till 4am with your smart phone or tablet on and went to work feeling like a zombie? The numbers of ‘yes’ answers to this questions is too many, more than it should be. Modern life circles around work and household responsibilities and burns us out. Being exposed to nature for a few days helps us pay attention, focus on our thoughts more clearly and be more creative. It’s a good way to recharge for increased productivity at work.

Makes you kind and generous

Nature has a positive impact on our emotional well-being, making us more generous and kinder towards others. Research shows that exposure to nature makes people act more generously and trustingly compared to people who do not spend time within nature.

You feel more alive

Some scientists believe that we are genetically created to be amongst nature and that is why we feel more like ourselves in the nature. All the positive effects nature has makes one feel more alive as a result of having more energy, reduces stress, ability to be more generous and kind towards others.

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